Jany Zhang

Annual Goal: 

Make Profile the flagship corporate brand that positions Guerrero as a thought leader to benefit all brands.


Create excellent products that drive great outcomes for our clients and engage our audiences by using human-centered research methods and design discipline.


Enhance the quality of print edition content, develop Profile's digital platforms and channels, launch the network, and launch new and independent content that differentiates the brand.

Team structure:

A cross-functional team that gathered Profile's Editor in Chief, a Senior Editor, a Lead Content Advertising Manager, a Client Experience Manager, developer team and me, the Senior Strategic Designer, to contribute our expertise to the tasks.

Role1: Assist strategy team determine elevated brand strategy for Profile. 

→See Role2 Role3


Sample spreads:



Out of Guerrero's seven media brands and platforms, Profile is the only industry-agnostic and most popular brand. Profile reaches more than 65,000 executives nationwide. The annual plan is to make it our flagship brand to attract more readers and clients. 

What we did: 

We elevated print magazine from both editorial and design to make sure the magazine aligns with executive positioning system. We highlighted human story behind the themes and features to match new brand voice. 

← see sample spreads for updated design

How we did it:

In collaboration with other function teams, we examined how the brand functions internally, in relation to the corporate brand, and researched on our users, and examined different brand models to determine Profile's brand model, brand voice, audiences, vision and mission.

Role2: Build better clients/readers experience digitally — amplify our offerings from just products to experience to maximize the value we can provide.

→See Role1 Role3



Prototype for mobile:

(for internal & example use)

Newsletter samples:



Profile digital platform transformation, including desktop+mobile website, social media, e-mail newsletter, is still in progress. This will be a year-long project. Check out the planning below for more information.

What we did: 

Redesigned website(mobile in progress)

Redesigned newsletter(in effect)

Social media strategy  

→See prototype on the page

→See sample newsletter on the page

→See redesigned newsletter

How we did it: 

Going from a design thinking approach of problem solving: Explore → Understand  → Imagine  → Prototype&Test, we:

  • identified users for our digital platform;

  • interviewed 8 executives/potential clients in person;

  • surveyed more than 100 Profile's audiences

  • Observed executives' interaction on Profile's website/newsletter, etc

  • Asked interview participants to fulfill card sort activities

  • synthesized user's painpoints

  • mapped out expected user's journey

  • Design sprint: reviewed V/TO for company's vision/mission, stated challenges users are facing

  • generated ideas by looking at lightning demos of websites, social media, and functions/features we want to build for our users specifically

  • sketched individually and consolidated a final prototype solution

  • built paper prototype & did testing with 10 internal employees(who are not involved in this project)

  • making high fidelity prototype

  • (in progress...)

Role3: Facilitate all the people, empower other teams with skills, knowledges and awareness of their work to better align with our company goal.

→See Role1 Role2



Selected keynote for presentations:


What I did:

I initiated four skill-share workshops internally across departments, did two presentations:

  • Strategic sales presentation to creative department (sales team as the presenter)

  • Design process presentation to sales team (design team as the presenter)

  • Design thinking foundation presentation to creative department (me as the presenter)

  • Design thinking in innovation strategy presentation to leadership team (me as the presenter)

→See presentation keynote on the page

Alongside all presentations, I have been the advocate to user-centered product development, user research and testing, running sprint, etc.

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